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      Product Catalog

      Track Roller Bearing

      • Combined Track Roller bearing
      • Needle Track Roller Bearing
      • Cylindrical Roller Bearing with Spiral Shaft
      • Cylindrical Roller Bearing For Conveyor
      • Cylindrical Roller Bearing NNUP
      • Cylindrical Roller Bearing NUTR,PWTR...2RS
      • Contact:Minister Xu
      • Mobile:13841408476
      • Tel:024-44837288
      • Fax:024-44837004
      • E-mail:xuming58@126.com
      • Web:www.bodoho.com
      • Address:No.110 XiangHuai Road
        Benxi Economic Development Zone
        Liaoning Province

      Product Details:

      The bearing is based on a shaft with oil holes, with a thick-walled outer ring roller bearing installed radially and a needle roller bearing installed on the shaft side. It can bear large radial load and axial impact load in a single direction