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      Product Catalog

      Self-aligning roller Bearing

      • Self-aligning roller Bearing
      • Contact:Minister Xu
      • Mobile:13841408476
      • Tel:024-44837288
      • Fax:024-44837004
      • E-mail:xuming58@126.com
      • Web:www.bodoho.com
      • Address:No.110 XiangHuai Road
        Benxi Economic Development Zone
        Liaoning Province

      Product Details:

      The bearing feature double rows of rollers with high radial load capacity, which is accordingly applicable to work under heavy load or shock load. It can bear the axial load from any direction rather than bear pure axial load. Furthermore, the bearing, due to its excellent aligning function, is able to compensate coaxiality error resulting from bending deflection and improper mounting location so that it is widely used in heavy machinery in metallurgy, mine and maritime transport fields