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      Product Catalog

      Needle Roller Bearing

      • Needle Roller Bearing
      • Contact:Minister Xu
      • Mobile:13841408476
      • Tel:024-44837288
      • Fax:024-44837004
      • E-mail:xuming58@126.com
      • Web:www.bodoho.com
      • Address:No.110 XiangHuai Road
        Benxi Economic Development Zone
        Liaoning Province

      Product Details:

      As there is no retainer ring for the inner ring of the bearing, the inner and outer rings can be installed separately. Its structure disables to limit the axial displacement of itself and its shell and only enables to bear the radial load. Its ring is usually not reserved with lubrication hole. If required by the client, the hole may be processed in the inner or outer ring. After high-temperature tempering treatment of its components, the bearing can work normally at about 300