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      Product Catalog

      Elastomeric sleeve

      • BR0000
      • Contact:Minister Xu
      • Mobile:13841408476
      • Tel:024-44837288
      • Fax:024-44837004
      • E-mail:xuming58@126.com
      • Web:www.bodoho.com
      • Address:No.110 XiangHuai Road
        Benxi Economic Development Zone
        Liaoning Province

      Product Details:

      1. Made of spring steel, the shaft sleeve has excellent elastic properties and will not be deformed even under extreme conditions

      2. The shaft sleeve has its own special spiral gap and round socket, which can be used as oil storage space. It keeps a long period of self-lubricating state, which gives rise to its durable and wear-resistant capability

      3. An extreme radial dimension is feasible to match a limited space

      4. With pre-stressing force, the shaft sleeve can be fixed at a specific position of the shaft or shell. The product is now used in automobile steering gear