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        Liaoning Province

      ADAPT Bearing With High Carrying Capacity


      1.ADAPT bearing integrates the features of both traditional cylindrical roller bearing and self-aligning roller bearing. It is designed with distinct bearing outer ring raceway, patching roller and cylindrical inner ring. The full-roll design maximizes the carrying capacity of bearing.

      2.It enables easy access to installation. ADAPT bearing is composed of inner/outer ring, roller and holder. The holder works to locate the roller to assemble components, which avoids any damage to the roller in installation or dismantlement of bearing. The separable design of components enables easy access to installation, dismantlement, lubrication and inspection. The two-way installation of inner and outer rings avoids the installation error, which does not require any special mounting tools.

      3.The unique internal geometry optimizes the contact stress distribution and enables stability of roller, thus prolonging the design life of bearing and maximizing the eccentric and axial floating capability.

      4.ISO standard size enables its interchange with CARB and other self-aligning roller bearing. Its higher static radial bearing capacity maximizes the reliability of the bearing.