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      Company Profile Company Honor Progress Evolution Sales Network Production Base Enterprise Style Corporate Video
      • Contact:Minister Xu
      • Mobile:13841408476
      • Tel:024-44837288
      • Fax:024-44837004
      • E-mail:xuming58@126.com
      • Web:www.bodoho.com
      • Address:No.110 XiangHuai Road
        Benxi Economic Development Zone
        Liaoning Province

      Sales Network

      Building on the profound progress evolution, Benxi Metallurgy Bearing Co., Ltd., originating from Benxi Bearing Plant founded in 1958, stays committed to serving the old and new clients with the considerate “pre-sales technical support and after-sales follow-up services”. We are devoting ourselves to efficiently delivering quality products and services to our clients by adhering to our tenet of honesty and faithfulness and executing our practical and win-win operation principle